‘It’s a bloody shambles … but I don’t think it will affect us’ – Irish people have their say on Brexit


‘It’s a bloody shambles … but I don’t think it will affect us’ – Irish people have their say on Brexit

It’s hitting the headlines everyday – but we took to the streets of Dublin to see if Irish people think they will actually be affected by Brexit.

While many are in agreement that UK’s departure from the EU will have little impact on them, Dublin man Ricardo Christy thinks Brexit will bring more jobs to Ireland.

“The company I am working for is making preparations. But as an individual, there will be no impact whatsoever. I’m not worried about it. In fact I think there will be more work in Ireland because of it.”

Ricardo added that he thinks Theresa May has had a “difficult time” with her Brexit deal.

Gavin, from Co Galway, who has been living in Germany for the past few years said that he doesn’t think Brexit will affect him.

“I’m not preparing in any way. I think Britain should leave the EU as soon as possible. People are just tired of it now.”

Meanwhile, Dympna from Donnybrook, Co Dublin said that Brexit is a “bloody shambles”.

“What’s going on over there I’d rather not think about, because it’s a bloody shambles. They’re all nuts over there really, they haven’t a clue.

“Of course it will (affect Ireland). Not only that, but it will affect Europe, but they couldn’t give a tinker’s curse over there in the UK.”

William, from Germany, said he believes all of Europe will be affected by Brexit.

“I think we will be affected in Germany because the economic ties are strong with the UK. Travelling will get a little bit harder, especially for the Germans living in the UK. Although, we don’t really know if it’s going to happen.


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“I’m thinking about getting a British passport so I can move into the UK more freely.

“I’d advise Theresa May to go through with Brexit because that’s what the people voted for.”

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